…it is about having the right people, with the right abilities, in the right places at the right time…

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We conduct our business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading.

We can recreate and update your HR department. This service includes HRIS, business automation, data analytics etc.  Your driver is still people. Make the people to drive. We implement the international experience in human resources without compromising the local approach

For us, recruiting has been an art of finding the right candidates for the right companies since 2003. Nearly all kind of positions we offer to fill in. Marketing/Sales/BD, Finance/Accountant, Administrative/Procurement, HR and etc.

Our outsourcing service allows you focus on core strategic issues, improves quality, efficiency and effectiveness, relieves from administrative burdens, reduces operating costs. You could also access to outside HR expertise

We offer corporate training and seminars, personal & corporate coaching services, open development and career related events, human capital capacity building projects.

With an extensive consultant background in various sectors we offer alignment with the strategy, goal and mission.

We are one phone, email away to be solutions to your problems. We offer quick consulting  services in exchange of long-term partnerships in the future.

Who We Are

In 2003, AZINKA HR&CC was established and the company provides HR and consultation services to mainly middle and big companies in various industries.

Our mission is to provide optimal human resources and consultation solutions compliant with business ethics and clients’ needs in Azerbaijan.

Our vision is to be best human resources & consultation service provider of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Our values are objectiveness, knowledge of developing business requirements, responsibility for every project.

We implement professionally defined tasks among partner companies and within our company. We conduct our business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading. We strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and candidates and encourage them to exchange relevant and accurate information.

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