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Coca Cola
Ahmad Rajabli street, 186 Black Pearl Plaza, 3rd floor
+994 12 564 47 90
+994 55 213 14 08
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Business Development Manager
Salary : Coming
Deadline : 12.01.2018
Country : Azerbaijan
City : Baku
Sector : Construction/Architecture
Type : Fulltime

Work Hours: 08:00-17:00

Level of Expertise

Business Development Manager Duties and Responsibilities
• Brainstorming with the team to create new project strategies
• Managing company and client expectations
• Executing sales objectives
• Managing client accounts
• Finding and following new sales leads
• Arranging business meetings and one-on-one conversations with prospective clients
• Attending networking events
• Negotiating sales contracts
• Preparing sales contracts; following company rules and guidelines
• Building trust and long-term relationships with clients/customers
• Managing records of sales, revenue, and other important data
• Cultivating positive interactions and relationships with sales representatives, team leaders and managers, and executives to evaluate sales strategy and results
• Developing ways to improve the customer experience and build brand loyalty
• Researching market and industry trends

Business Development Manager Requirements and Qualifications

• Goal-oriented, organized team player
• Eager to expand company with new sales, clients, and territories
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of English and Russian languages
• Able to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
• Self-motivated and self-directed
• Experienced at preparing and presenting quarterly goals and forecasts for future projects
• Bachelor’s degree in business, administration, or related field
• Three to five years of previous experience in sales, management, customer service, finance, administration, or related field
• Demonstrated and proven sales results
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