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JOB PURPOSE:                    


  • To perform the functions of a Receptionist/Telephone Assistant and to assist in secretarial or other routine administrative/clerical duties.



  • Ensures that the reception desk is always occupied during AZRM’s office hours.
  • Attends to all incoming calls, transfers them to relevant staff, arranges teleconference calls with the requested persons per AZRM staff’s request, and takes accurate messages.
  • Receives visitors, mission delegations by obtaining clearance from staff concerned, routing them to appropriate office or waiting area; coordinates with lobby security on ground floor to allow elevator access.
  • Liaises with building management regarding provision of required assistance with delivery of office/food supplies, furniture and/or equipment to AZRM office.
  • Meets VIP visitors at Landmark Building II reception desk per AZRM staff’s request to accompany them to AZRM premises.
  • Ensures that HQ mission staff provided with access cards to AZRM office upon request and collects them upon their departure; maintains a log sheet of visiting missions.
  • Receives and sends international/domestic pouches; records the time of their delivery/dispatching in the logbook; receives and distributes daily newspapers to concerned staff.
  • Tracks the flow of all incoming/outgoing documents; ensures all outgoing documents are delivered on time; ensures that all incoming documents are logged in chronological order, properly distributed and promptly brought to the attention of concerned staff.
  • Checks AZRM’s office email messages; depending on their content replies or forwards them to concerned staff.
  • Monitors food and cleaning supplies for AZRM visitors and advise F&A staff on replenishment of its stocks.
  • Monitors the cleanliness and functioning of the office space and facilities, and contact cleaners and/or maintenance staff as needed.
  • Performs other routine clerical work assigned by CD as typing, formatting the documents, photocopying, scanning, etc.
  • Working extended hours may be required by the CD as needed.


Reporting arrangements


  • Reports to Country Director (CD), in absence of CD, to Senior Finance and Administration Officer.


Qualification requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Good writing and speaking skills in English and Azeri languages. Knowledge of Russian is preferable.
  • Good computer skills with sound knowledge of common software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets).
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills with abilities to work with individuals from different cultural/national backgrounds.
  • Good Team player who cooperates, participates willingly, supports team efforts and decisions.
  • Information seeker who can ask right questions and be accountable for the outcome of tasks assigned.
  • Capable to take the responsibilities listed above and overcome obstacles when things do not go smooth, handle workload within general schedule of work per instructions and standardized practices.
  • Work experience in private, public, or international organization.
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