Role Synopsis

  • The Quality Inspector should manage the necessary resources required to meet the inspection and surveillance activities identified in the construction contractor Inspection & Test Plans (ITP) and the construction schedule.

Key Accountabilities:

  • The Quality Lead is responsible for implementing the project Quality Management System in conformance with BP’s quality management processes and for managing Quality Control activities relating to the fabrication of the ACE Topside.
    The Quality Lead is responsible for authoring and maintaining applicable project quality documents required to execute the quality activities.
    The Quality Lead is responsible for managing the Quality inspection resources within the project.
  • Execute the project Site Specific Quality Plan within the construction activities of the project
  • Implement BP’s Engineering and Quality Management Guidelines
  • Provides guidance, advice and training to project team, contractors, suppliers, inspectors and third parties as required to confirm understanding of the project Quality objectives
  • The Quality Lead should manage the necessary resources required to meet the inspection and surveillance activities identified in the construction contractor Inspection & Test Plans (ITP) and the construction schedule.
  • Review the construction contractor’s Inspection & Test Plans (ITP) and other relevant quality documentation
  • Identify risks in the contractors and sub-contractors which may lead to audits being required to be carried out by the project.
  • Confirm that statutory inspection requirements are complied with during construction of the facilities
  • Verify BP’s inspection, surveillance and witnessing of constructed components is executed in accordance with approved ITPs
  • Facilitate the project activities to handle contractor non-conformances, deviations and concession requests
  • Coordinate project activities for final inspection, punchlist and release of constructed equipment to commissioning
    Confirm that all relevant quality documentation, testing and inspection results are properly documented, complete and handed over in accordance with the information handover specification
  • Capture quality-related lessons for future projects via the Local and ETP
  • Shared Learning System
  • Incorporate applicable quality-related lessons learned from other projects
  • Contribute to the project quality improvement process by the capture and assessment of non-conformances and concessions, and the implementation of the immediate containment actions arising
  • Provide trend data from the contractor deviation and concession process to allow interventions to be made for high risk and recurring issues

Essential Education

  • Degree in Engineering
    ISO 9001 Lead Auditor or ISO 9001 Internal Auditor

Essential Experience and Job Requirements

  • Member Chartered Quality Institute (CQP)
  • Applicable technical qualifications relevant to construction of Offshore Topside
  • NDE qualification preferred
  • Minimum 10 years in Quality Assurance, control and Audit in Oil and Gas industry
  • Minimum 10 years in leading/conducting external/internal quality audits to ISO 9001 requirements
  • Minimum 10 years in managing quality control and inspections surveillance teams on client behalf overseeing Contractors work activities
  • Construction of offshore Topsides

Desirable Criteria:


The Quality Professional should:

  • Demonstrate personal responsibility for the safety and well-being of everyone around them.
  • Develop the safety and risk management skills of the quality team.
  • Follow the requirements specified in OMS, and contribute to the delivery of safe, compliant and reliable operations.


  • The Quality Professional should adhere to the Code of Conduct and to local laws and regulations


The Quality Professional should:

  • Pursue systematic management through standardisation, clarification and the elimination of defects
  • Follow and uphold the rules and standards of BP, and hold others to account for doing the same thing
  • Plan carefully, make well-informed decisions, and do the right thing
  • Foster learning, the sharing of knowledge, and continuous improvement
  • Eager to learn and develop their career.


  • The Quality Professional should speak out when seeing something is not right and be prepared to say “no” or “stop” when necessary

One team

The Quality Professional should:

  • Recognize and acknowledge the contribution of others
  • Develop trust from others by delivering on accountabilities
  • Support others and helps to build effectiveness of the quality team to achieve the best results
  • Lay the foundations for the future by helping people develop their capabilities
  • Promote “one team” approach with contractor quality team.


Please send your CV to  b.ismayilov@azinka.az   email address by noting the name of the vacancy.

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