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  • The Pipelines Construction Vessel Representative(s) (CVRs) are key members of the Pipelines Team and are responsible for offshore management of the construction vessel(s).


  • Line Manager:  Pipelines Construction Team Lead
  • Functional Manager: Construction Specialist Survey Team Lead



General Responsibilities

As a member of the SD2 M&SS Team the Construction Vessel Representative (CVR) will have the following general responsibilities:

  • Implementing safe and efficient execution of project scopes
  • Awareness and promotion of project goals in respect of HSE, cost, schedule & technical integrity
  • Direction, motivation, support and leadership to project team members and contractors.
  • Awareness and promotion of BP GPO expectations of Safe Design and Quality Build and conformance to the GPO Operating Management System (OMS) requirements including risk management, continuous improvement and management of change.
  • Building and leading a high-performance team to facilitate successful delivery
  • Promoting an effective and collaborative working environment with a ‘One Team’ approach.
  • Ensuring lessons learned are captured and shared with the onshore management team

Pipelines Construction Vessel Management

The Construction Vessel Representative will have the following direct responsibilities:

  • Providing expert input to contractor procedures, mobilisation plans and vessel operating procedures
  • Providing expert input and support to risk assessments, identification of hazards and implementation of mitigation measures to reduce risk to ALARP
  • BP Site Safety Lead in-line with the GPO Personal Safety Guide expectations and pro-actively building and maintaining an exemplary safety culture on-board the construction vessel
  • Oversight of contractor safety performance identify trends and intervene as needed
  • Assuring the contractor has received and reviewed vessel / worksite bridging documents
  • Providing the BP focus for any incident or emergency and subsequent investigation
  • Ensuring that formal risk assessments, safety meetings, emergency drills and regular work site meetings are conducted to safely perform the works scope.
  • Assuring contractor awareness, comprehension and compliance with BP & contractor practices, policies and procedures and, in particular, verifying that contractor manages maximum periods offshore and working conditions for operational personnel.
  • Assuring all personnel, equipment, procedures and permits are in place for the offshore work-scope
  • Liaison with the Offshore Representatives of other vessels and facilities in the working area and, where necessary, help or contribute to the organisation of a SIMOPS strategy and schedule
  • Manage Asset OIM notifications for vessel moves inside 500m zone, within 200m of existing pipelines or other critical activities within 1500m of live pipelines
  • Assuring the delivery & quality of survey activities is in accordance with the Scope of Work, BP Technical Specifications and Project Procedures.
  • Supervision and QA/QC of the contractor’s survey operations in confirmation that all positioning hardware and software is calibrated and operated according to good survey practice and the contract, and offsets, calibration results and datum conversions are used appropriately.
  • Monitor the contractor’s production of survey data and reporting and ensure that delivery meets with the project schedule / requirements
  • Carry out in depth analysis & checking of survey field reports & charts as necessary.
  • Assuring the offshore work-scope is completed in accordance with the approved installation procedures and permits
  • Offshore contract administration compliance and maintaining an accurate record of events, instructions and communications
  • QC reporting of Contractor performance in all survey & operational aspects
  • Accurately recording/reporting non-conformances and expediting the detail for onshore assessment
  • Managing communication with the onshore team and the marine operations team to ensure rigorous tracking of safety performance, schedule progress and SIMOPS planning
  • Leading the daily progress call and ensuring quality communication on safety, progress & concerns
  • Assuring the quality and accuracy of the vessel daily report (DPR)
  • Issuing all formal site instructions / directions to the contractor on behalf of BP


  • University degree or equivalent in Surveying/Geomatics.
  • Hydrographic surveyor with a minimum of 10 years’ Offshore Oil & Gas industry experience as an Offshore Survey Representative and preferably experience in the Caspian Sea Area
  • A thorough understanding of the principles and practical application of Hydrographic Survey and Acoustic Metrology applications
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working as a Project Surveyor on hydrographic surveys and/or charting surveys linked to construction work.
  • Direct experience of holding a CVR position managing offshore construction
  • Proven capability of building and leading successful teams
  • Experience with site management activities related to health, safety, and environmental issues


Skill Requirements:

  • Exhibits understanding of BP practices and the latest international standards that assure integrity of build and construction quality.
  • Proactively demonstrates sophisticated decision-making and leadership skills needed to address complex stakeholder groups and issues associated with Major Projects.
  • Ability to intervene in critical situations in order to redirect focus and achieve the required result.
  • A high level of proven communication, interpersonal and people management skills.
  • Financial and commercial awareness.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Computer literate

Key Behaviours:


  • Demonstrates personal commitment to achieving the highest standards of HSE and responsibility for the safety and well-being of everyone around them,
  • Play a leading role in the promotion of an excellent HSE culture, and demonstrate BP’s commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards of HSE,
  • Proven capability to develop team safety and risk management skills,


  • Adheres to the Code of Conduct and to local laws and regulations.
  • Pursues systematic management through standardisation, clarification and the elimination of defects.
  • Follows and upholds BP rules and standards and holds others to account for doing the same thing.
  • Plans carefully, makes well-informed decisions and does the right thing.
  • Fosters learning, the sharing of knowledge and continuous improvement.


  • Speaks out when seeing something is not right and is prepared to say “no” or “stop” when necessary.

One Team

  • An outstanding team player.
  • Recognizes and acknowledges the contribution of others.
  • Develops trust from others by delivering on accountabilities.
  • Tactful and persuasive


M&SS Construction, Diving T&I & Vessel Asset Teams

  • M&SS Marine Team
  • M&SS HSE Manager
  • Offshore Regional Representatives


Please send your CV to   email address by noting the name of the vacancy


  • This job has expired!
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