Chief Mate – Senior DPO 245 views1 application

Position Info:

Work Location: Offshore Construction Vessel

Position Schedule: 1 year (renewable)


Qualifications & Experience:

Education: National certificate of competence and endorsement Reg. II/2, IV/2

Work Experience: 3 years as Chief Mate DP on off-shore activity. Minimum 2000 Hours of DP Operations

Knowledge of Languages: English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent)


Other skills/Certificates Required:

  • Valid advanced DP certification with minimum 2000 Hours of DP Operations
  • All STCW 95(and amendments) required certificates for Chief Mate: Personnel Survival Techniques, Fire Fighting, Advanced Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention, Elementary First Aid and Personnel Safety and Social Responsibilities;
  • GMDSS endorsement Reg. IV/2;
  • Advanced training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations (where applicable) Reg. V/1-1, A-V/1-1.2;
  • Medical care Reg. VI/4;
  • Ship Security Officer Reg. VI/5;
  • Radar A.R.P.A. – Bridge Teamwork, Reg. II/2;
  • OGUK Medical;
  • Good supervisory and communications skills, in English, oral and written



  • Responsible for the safety and security of the ship, oversee the deck department and report to the Master, operate on a seagoing ship of 3.000 gross tonnage or more, and able to operate, according with Company Procedures, any DP Vessel as well as DP control station;
  • Assist to Master in implement and maintain the Company Safety Management System and motivates the crew to observe this policy, ensure all activities are carried out according State, Class, Flag and client requirements including the reporting of accidents and dangerous occurrences;
  • Be the second in charge of the Master DP and collaborate with him in the definition and execution of the navigation plans;
  • Assist the Master DP in the safe and efficient General vessel’s conduction;
  • Act as the Vessel Safety Officer, as defined by SOLAS regulations and Company HSES procedures;
  • Act as the Ship Security Officer, as per ISPS Code, whenever required;
  • Whenever required, act as BS (barge supervisor) or BCO (ballast control operator) as defined in IMO resolution A. 1079 (28);
  • Assist the Master during navigation, maneuvering and operative phases, monitor the correct operation of DP system, (operating techniques and capability to monitor DP Alarms. Knowledge of FMEA) where required, as per Company procedure, propose to the Master to review the operation manual depending of changes to equipment or standard operating procedures and report to him unsafe act/conditions and other matters with implications for safe operation, marine environment and navigability in compliance with HSES procedures;
  • Report to Master DP, keep watching the Bridge and direct the officers and deck personnel, ensuring that operate with discipline and efficiency according to Company requirements, State, Class, Flag, ISM, ISPS, MLC2006, SOLAS, MARPOL, relevant statutory and client requirements;
  • Act on behalf of the Master DP to ensure that all the crew respect the company policies and standing order;
  • Assist the Master DP during navigation, manoeuvring and operative phases; monitor the correct operation of DP system if required, as per Company procedure;
  • Propose to the Master DP to review the operation manual depending on changes to equipment or standard operating procedures;
  • Report to the Master DP unsafe acts/conditions and other issues with implications for safe operation, marine environment and navigability in compliance with HSES procedures;
  • Maintain garbage treatment and record according to Administration rules (flag, local and international) and company policy;
  • Liaise with Master DP for maintain cargo gear certifications and lifting equipment;
  • Monitoring trim/heel and the ROV launching operation if required;
  • Compile reports as per Company procedures; ensure implementation of the permit to work system and relevant isolation and confined space; oversee implementation of all elements of Ship Security Plan and arrange regular safety drills as per Company procedures and Master DP instructions;
  • Liaise closely with other departments on matters concerning the Company SMS;
  • Apply and follow the on board training and drill programme in due time as directed by Company, SOLAS/relevant requirements and Master’s instructions;
  • Responsible for the Deck Officer and Deck Ratings familiarization Authority;
  • Take command of the vessel in the event of the Master DP being unable to continue in command for as long as that condition persists;
  • Have the responsibility of safe working practices and propose changes to the SMS;
  • Issue instructions and orders to Deck Officers and Deck Crew;
  • Support the Master DP with reference to Marine related QMS Tasks based on received instructions;
  • Be responsible for Lifting/Rigging Certification System management and updating based on applicable certification scheme;
  • Be the focal point for Class Inspector during Annual Certification Activity;
  • Be responsible/coordinate competent personnel during six month internal certification checks;
  • Be responsible for Pad Eyes Certification/Mapping/Traceability requirements on board the vessel, in cooperation with Field Engineers as applicable;
  • Coordinate with ASSET Project QCC during Vessel Maintenance activities with reference to specification tasks as applicable;
  • Report to Master, ensure compliance with the radio watchkeeping requirements of SOLAS and GMDSS regulations;
  • Maintain a continuous watch on the dedicated distress, urgency and safety communications , receive weather forecast bulletins and meteorological warnings and other Maritime Safety Information, inform the Master as soon as a distress, urgency or safety communication is received;
  • Capability to manage the vessel stability as a fundamental component of seaworthiness and ensure that the vessel possesses a satisfactory level of stability in order to ensure its safety as well as that of the people on board. Capability to control the deck loads so as to maintain the desired list/trim;
  • Authority:
  • Take command of the vessel in the event of the Master being unable to continue in command for as long as that condition remains;
  • Have the responsibility for safe working practices and propose changes to the SMS;
  • Issue instructions and orders to mates and deck crew;
  • Handling computerized control systems;
  • Capability to manage effective HSE Meetings, organise emergency preparedness and response, prepare accurate HSE reporting, apply and promote safety. Understanding and capability to apply Risk Assessment and job Safety Analysis. Capability to demonstrate commitment to SCONA safety policies through leadership and guidance. Capability to ensure crew and vessel safety procedures;


  • Fully adhere, at all times and irrespective of the work place, to Company Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE) policies, procedures and requirements;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by Superior within its technical capabilities.

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  • Salary Negotiable
  • This job has expired!
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