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Agricultural Manager
Salary : 3500+ AZN
Deadline : 18.01.2018
Country : Azerbaijan
City : Baku
Sector : Agriculture
Type : Fulltime



· Agronomy of plantation

· Monitoring the development, organization and implementation of measures aimed at the improvement of yield, quality, production volumes, improving the organization of production, labor productivity growth, increasing profitability;

· Formation of strategic plans of the Cropping;

· Implementation of production techniques and identifying promising areas of development;

· Integrated management of enterprises: Production, financial planning, quality control;

· Creation of project schedule, financial models and business plans;
Search and offer new and modern technologies and efficient methods of cultivation, storage and distribution of crops;

· Budgeting, analysis and planning of economic activity, cost optimization;

· Preparation of annual, quarterly, monthly budget for all enterprises of the Cropping;

· Organization of input quality control and stocktaking of raw materials entering the manufacturing and storage;

· Compliance with quality production standards;

· Achieving targets and financial performance of the project;

· Establishing enterprise management system, the production cycle and product marketing system;

· Formation of the organizational structure of the Cropping and companies.

· Development of human resources policy and strategy, monitoring and maintenance;

· Coordination of staff, monitoring of compliance with company regulations.


· Salary: 3500

· 3+ years experience

· University degree in the related field

· A professional in the field of business management for growing cropping;

· Knowledge of analysis and business processes of the company, strategic planning, financial management, marketing, management;

· Knowledge of the methods of the feasibility and the current production planning;

· Decent knowledge of the technological basis of fruit cultivation, harvesting and storage processes, logistics;

· Knowledge of the technical requirements for the production, cultivation and storage technology, security requirements;

· Knowledge of production equipment and the rules of its technical operation;

· Knowledge of regulatory documents;

· Business and personal qualities: responsibility, honesty, focus on results, high organizational and communication skills. Pro-active work;

· Knowledge of English would be an advantage;


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