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Procurement Specialist
Maaş : 1000
Son möhlət : 30.06.2018
Ölkə : Azərbaycan
Şəhər : Bakı
Sektor : İnşaat materialları
İşin tipi : Fulltime
Available for only men applicants.

Buyer Job Description

Buyer are analyzers, negotiators and deal-makers. They research, evaluate and buy products for companies to either resell to customers or use in their everyday operations.
Buyers are the people who determine what products get to store shelves, in catalogues, and online. They do the footwork, the research and create the deals to buy large quantities of products for their companies, and then sell them to customers, or use them to create new materials that they then sell to customers.
A high school diploma might be enough for some buying jobs, but larger companies might require a bachelor's degree in business or accounting. On-the-job training will help buyers get the experience they need in their field.
Certification is also required.


  • Analytical Skills: He will be working with multiple vendors to determine the best deals for our company, and will have to evaluate the many pros and cons of each, based on price, quality, speed of delivery and other factors.
  • Decision-Making Skills: He will need to use the information you have gathered to make decisions on behalf of our company.
  • Math Skills: Basic math skills will be needed to analyze prices and get the best deals possible.
  • Negotiating Skills: He will be working with suppliers to create the best deals. Negotiating skills will help him create those deals.
  • Advanced English and Russian skills 
  • Available for only men applicants.
  • Bachelor degree at Engineering

Work Hours

  • 9:00-18:00
  • Monday-Friday

Please, send your CV to email adress by noting the name of the vacancy "Procurement Specialist"

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